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Local man finds ancient prehistoric Megalodon shark teeth:

Gary Knapp who dives around the world making underwater films for the underwater dive series Dive Travel, recently dove off North Carolinas Fossil ridge and found a number of prehistoric Megalodon shark teeth some of which are 4 inches in size. Gary says these are medium size though as they get up to 7 inches and more. "One guy on the boat I was on got one 6 1/4 inches long!".   Those over 7 inches in length are worth upwards of $20,000 each. It's like a gold mine for shark teeth in that region.

The dive was off Wilmington North Carolina 40 miles out into the open Atlantic Ocean to fossil ridge. It's a ridge that was the former shoreline before the ice age took effect millions of years ago when the Oceans rose.

Scientist say the Megalodon shark was the second largest predator on the planet during the Dinosaur age.

He was estimated be 40-60 feet long weighing in at 52 tons, heavier and larger than the T Rex dinosaur. His dorsal fin was 5.5 feet tall pectoral fin 10 feet in length, and his tail fin was 12 feet in height. With jaws wide enough it could swallow a Rhinoceros whole. He had as many as 250 of these giant teeth in its mouth and a gigantic appetite to go along with them, unfortunately its believed they ran out of food sources and died along with the Dinosaur millions of years ago.

Gary says it's a good thing or I doubt divers would be entering the Oceans today. The Great White shark is now its predecessor now, but pales in size in comparison.

Future Dive Destinations:

Tell us where you would like to see ‘Dive Travel’ travel to next in our continuing series. Simply go to our ‘ Contact Us’ page and let us know. Thanks.!

We now offer BlueRay DVD technology!!

Dive Travel has entered the high definition arena beginning with our next Dive Travel show from Fiji. All shows will be produced in HD 1080I widescreen both topside as well as deep below the ocean. Dive Travel is now shooting all video in HD 1080I utilizing a Sony HVR-Z1U digital video camera, which is being used for all topside video. For underwater video, we are using a Sony HVR-A1U inside a Gates A1U housing. Videos are being edited on HP Media Center using Adobe Premiere’s new HD program with a 23” HP 2335 HD video monitor. We now also have, in operation, a new, custom built, editing computer created especially for editing HDV video, with two 23 inch HDV monitors.

Special Pricing on purchases of 3 or more videos:

Dive travel offers a price reduction of 25% off the price on all DVD’s when three or more are purchased. The discount price rings up automatically at check out.  As a new added bonus, you can buy all the DVD's in our library for a special low price of $10.00 per volume plus tax and shipping (price includes $12.00 in additional shipping).  New shows are continuously being added, so you will need to check the library.