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Fun To Know: Ballroom Dancing (DVD)
Fun To Know: Ballroom Dancing (DVD)

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From Bryan Lamb posted on facebook October 1, 2010

Nice to find you here on Facebook!

I just recently bought and viewed 3 of your DVDs. Really enjoyed the work you've done. It was nice to get so much background info about each of the places you've visited. You've assembled a great blend of topside vs diving footage. Really gives me a feel for each location and that's exactly what I was hoping for.

I must tell you that you're an inspiration to me because I have a few ideas of my own for videos... just never had the courage to produce and market them. I'd be interested to hear any insight you might have as a result of your ventures.

We've got a couple parallels in our lives besides the mutual interest in SCUBA. I was raised in the Midwest Wisconsin). You're in MI, right? I've also spent the majority of my life learning various aspects of audio, video, and web production. I've written and recorded 3 albums, learned to do video production, learned digital SLR photography, and most recently learned web programming so I can build my own eCommerce websites.

Oh I love traveling too! Who doesn't, I guess. I have been lucky to have lived in Hawaii, Miami, San Francisco, and now So CA. Surely some of the more desirable places on earth.

Anyhow... if you happen to have any down time from your exciting (but surely tedious, I know) production work, I'd love to ask a few questions about how you made a business out of your passion. I'd like to do that too!

We purchased a couple of them a few months ago and they’ve been fairly popular, so we are now adding more titles from your current library to ours. I enjoyed them myself – like the format.

Mary Salvato
Carlsbad City Library
Carlsbad, Calif.

Each video outdoes the other! A wonderful tool for planning your next dive vacation, or a way to fill your craving for diving from your living room!

Fantastic footage of what to expect from each destination both underwater and during surface intervals make the Dive Travel series a must for my Scuba ibrary. My non-diving friends get to enjoy all the beauty of these destinations as well. I look forward to each new release!

Eric O’Keefe
Jacksonville, FL

Thanks so much for the fantastic DVD. We received it yesterday and watched it immediately! It really is the best honeymoon souvenir we could get so we really appreciate it. There are some great shots on there and we love the 'San Jose' intro music. Yours very very gratefully. :-)

Ian & Bella

Very well done dive travel dvds, nice addition to my photo collection from prior trips

Stuart Robards
Juneau, Alaska

Just finished watching Southwest Australia and I’m blown away!! Both Dave and thoroughly enjoyed it. I fell in love with Australia! Loved the land and your exquisite photography, and music. Wow it added so much along with the sunsets, animals ect, I could go on and on...

Judie Sprague
Cadillac, Mich

I just viewed the video of the Famous Kelp Forest of Lajolla Cove, San Diego. I will be ordering several more from you soon. It will be a great marketing tool. I know without a doubt nothing this nice has ever been done on diving in San Diego.

Rod Watkins owner
Scuba San Diego

Words fail me to adequately express my thanks for the dive travel adventures video you produced promoting dive Geraldton West Australia. To say I was thrilled with the quality of your presentation would be an understatement.

Ronald A Shortis and John Anderson
Batavia Coast Community Rescue Helicopter Service
Geraldton West Australia

Gary your love for diving and your desire to show non divers the underwater world shine through in your productions. Your video will be one of the absolute highlights of my site. Thanks for sharing the footage of the Eaglewreck dive with us.

Bart Koop- Henzen
The Netherlands

We enjoyed watching your adventures series of Australia. A very professional job done very well. The images turned out great and the cutting and sound work well.

Erica Tristan and all the crew of the
Batavia Coast Dive Academy

Southwest Australia is yet another awesome DVD, and another trip to put on my to do list. We really enjoyed it.

Debra Long
Riverdale, MD

Just wanted to let you know the Dive Travel Michigan DVD made it here and it looks great! Kudos on some amazing footage. The DVD sure brings back memories of my dives in the Great Lakes.

Jeff Myers
Chief operating officer
Divers Alert Network

I watched the Great White sharks first. Awesome! That One word says it all! The water in Aruba looks so pristine that I want to be in it. Alaska is spectacular. My favorite part was the dive at the icebergs. It looks cold but I bet it was well worth it. It was beautiful. Thanks for sharing this trip with me. :) Egypt, I saved it for last because I have always been fascinated with the Pharos and pyramids. Vivid colors and great video. I feel like I've been in vacation. It's wonderful. Thanks for the relaxing moments. I'm hooked!!!
Rob Schuster