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Gary Knapp
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Gary Knapp

Adventurer Gary Knapp has a tremendous passion for making films under the ocean and around the world....he has literally been on every corner of the globe shooting video for the Dive Travel Adventure Series, including shoots in Australia, Fiji, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, Belize, and 20 of the top dive destinations of the world and in most of the oceans that span it. He is currently traveling and producing approximately five new shows each year.

Coming from the harsh winters of Northern Michigan, Gary is well grounded in
all sorts of shooting conditions. He was once told by a dive instructor “if you
can dive in the cold and often rough, blustery, sometimes dangerous waters of the Great Lakes, then you can dive anywhere in the world." He is as comfortable in a dry suit, shooting under the ice in northern lakes, and on ship wrecks of the Great lakes, with temperatures at or below 46 degrees, as he is in the warmest of tropical locations.

Gary, is admired for his courage, shooting video and swimming with of some of the largest pelagics, in ocean depths nearing decompression diving at times, as he is in the shallowest locations. He can adapt readily to conditions of poor visibility in rough oceans and to dangerous currents.

Gary, unlike most videographers around the world today, has a vast background of broadcasting spanning over 30 years in both radio and television here in America. He built an entire network of small market FOX TV stations from the ground up throughout Northern Michigan in the 1990's, later selling them and retiring early from that profession.

Gary now applies his former broadcast expertise to doing what he loves, following his passion for filming under the deep ocean, bringing back time and time again, awe-inspiring, stunning HD Widescreen images that are now available on Blu-ray disc from his own private studio that tell a story of God’s creations under the sea.

Take a look at video clips of Gary knapp's diving.